Boris Johnson barred from voting over inability to provide valid ID

Boris Johnson barred from voting over inability to provide valid ID

Former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has been barred from voting at his local polling station after forgetting to bring the required photo identity.

Johnson was expected to vote in the police and crime commissioner election in South Oxfordshire on Thursday.

But, the polling officials told him he would not be allowed to vote without providing his identity.

There are 22 acceptable forms of ID in the UK including passports, driving licences, blue badges, and certain local travel cards.

Recall that in 2022, Johnson introduced the Elections Act which requires photo ID — a development that sparked intense criticisms from Britons.

The Electoral Commission, in 2023, had warned that the new law could exclude hundreds of thousands of people, including minorities and those with disabilities.

A spokesperson for Johnson confirmed he had forgotten the photo ID, but that he was able to cast his ballot after he returned with a valid ID.

“Mr Johnson voted Conservative,” Sky News quoted the spokesperson as saying.

Downing Street said it would “look into” changing the controversial rules which require photo ID in order to vote, so that ID cards of veterans can be added to the list of valid identification.

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