Guinea may return to civilian rule 3yrs after military takeover

Guinea may return to civilian rule 3yrs after military takeover

Barely eight months after the Guinea military took over power from former president, Alpha Condé, through a military coup, head of the military team that hijacked the coountry’s government, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, has released a 39 months transition plan to civilian rule in the country.

Doumbouya said that the plan to return power to civilians became necessary due to rising concerns of a to backslide in democracy in West Africa.

He added that he would submit the proposal to the National Transitional Council, an 80-member body set up by the junta to act as parliament during the transition to civil rule.

Doumbouya noted that the 39 months was the average timeline that emerged from consultations with political parties and civil society groups, which his main opponents boycotted.

The head of the military rule announced the plans yesterday during an interview with pressmen in Conakry, the country’s capital.

Earlier, the Subregion’s body, ECOWAS has urged the military government to swiftly return the country’s a democratic system of government.

According to the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution (FNDC), a coalition of political parties and civil society organisations, condemned the plan, the National Coordination of the FNDC reminds Doumbouya that it is inadmissible, inconceivable, and unacceptable for the National Transitional Council to endorse this proposal by the junta, which has no legal basis.”

It would be recalled that on 5 September 2021, the President of Guinea, Alpha Condé was captured by the country’s armed forces in a coup d’état after gunfire in the capital, Conakry, in which Doumbouya released a broadcast on state television announcing the dissolution of the constitution and the civilian government.

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